Our Team

GGC was founded in 2016 by Richard Moyle, Neill Beattie, and Colin Dickson. The senior team have over 100 years' of combined consultancy experience and are highly regarded Principal Consultants with extensive design, investigation and construction experience in Australia, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Europe.


Dr. Richard Moyle

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Richard is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer and the Managing Director of GGC. He has over 18 years’ experience in a range of geotechnical engineering areas, acquired both locally and overseas. This experience encompasses geotechnical investigations, design and construction and onsite supervision of earthworks. Richard’s focus is predominantly practical design and geotechnical construction works.

Richard has been involved in numerous geotechnical investigations and design work in complex geological settings. He has carried out route alignment studies and worked in multidiscipline projects where he provides specialist technical input in a collaborative environment.

Richard is a Chartered Professional Engineer and his high level of expertise has been recognised by Institution of Engineers, Australia, with Richard recently becoming a Fellow of the Institution.


Colin Dickson

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Colin is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer and Director of GGC. He has over 19 years' experience focussed on geotechnical investigations, assessment of difficult ground conditions, geotechnical analysis and design, construction support and verification. His main areas of technical interests are soil mechanics, shallow and deep foundations, temporary works design, ground improvements methods, retaining walls, excavations and earthworks. 

Colin has provided geotechnical input for a wide range of projects including local subdivisions, development of recreational areas, medium and high-rise residential and commercial projects, deep foundations for ports, jetties and harbors, railway construction, foundations for non-process and process mining infrastructure, bridges, and temporary works.

Colin is a Chartered Professional Engineer and a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ). He is actively involved with the WA Chapter of the Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS) and also with Engineers Australia. He was the Chair of the WA Chapter of the AGS and the elected representative for WA on the AGS National Committee in 2014 and 2015.


Neill Beattie

Principal Engineering Geologist

Neill is a Principal Engineering Geologist at GGC. He has over 30 years’ experience in engineering geology and geotechnical engineering, with specialisation in the investigation, engineering evaluation and management of large linear infrastructure projects (roads and rail), port developments and mine infrastructure, from PFS through to construction.

Neill is a confident and technically competent engineering geologist and project manager, who is able to liaise and communicate geological and geotechnical ideas and data effectively with clients, sub-consultants, contractors, regulators and other stakeholders.

Neill’s expertise lies within engineering geology, terrain evaluations, cut slope assessment and design, construction materials sourcing and evaluation, foundation material assessment and excavatability assessment, earthworks supervision and on site design verification, and geotechnical investigation management and logistics. He has been involved in projects undertaken in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, South Africa and Botswana.


James Campbell

Senior Engineering Geologist

James is a Chartered Professional Engineer and has a broad range of over 9 years’ experience in Engineering Geology, having worked in both Australia, New Zealand and PNG. 

James has experience in geotechnical investigations in a consultancy environment including experience in geotechnical logging, site supervision, land development, CPT probing supervision, test pitting, construction support, onsite advice, reporting and analysis.

He also has experience in near shore works, construction monitoring and reviewing the design of post-tensioned ground anchors in building foundations, coastal monitoring, jack up barge pile socket assessment, dredging operation experience involving logging of soils and sample selection of material excavated from a dredging channel, as well as experience in coal exploration and underground coal mining.



Ian Rogers

Senior Engineering Geologist

Ian has ten years’ experience in Engineering Geology for resource, civil infrastructure and land development projects across Australia, New Zealand and Africa. 

Ian’s experience covers the planning, execution and management of geotechnical investigations, and ground model development. His expertise includes site supervision, geotechnical logging, CPT probing supervision, test pitting, construction support, onsite advice, field mapping and reporting. Ian has worked extensively with diamond core drilling, including work with inclined borehole supervision for assessment of joined rock masses, pit optimisation and quarry yield estimation.

Ian also has experience in soil and rock logging for mining projects, tunnelling projects, near shore works, construction monitoring and field logging for mineral sands and iron ore projects. Ian has completed fieldwork in challenging ground conditions, including work over soft tailings, and in areas underlain by soft man-made deposits. Ian always considers safety as the first priority when undertaking fieldwork and leads by example.